Parsons Choice Cider is a family run  business which was started in 1988 when  Phil & Carole Dolding and family moved to  Parsonage Farm.   The farm and adjoining orchards are situated in  a fantastic area, on the edge of the Somerset  Levels. When we arrived here the old cider  house was in a sad state of repair so we  decided to renovate it. Our replanted orchards  now produce in the region of 28 Tons of apples  and we haven't looked back since!  Good standard orchards, as we have planted,  are becoming increasingly rare as large cider  producers plant bush orchards which are more  productive.  The traditional "standard" orchards  look a picture in late spring with the beautiful  blossom and they attract an abundance of  wildlife including Green Lesser Spotted  Woodpeckers, Barn Owls, Redwings and  Fieldfares to name but a few.   Tel: 01823 490978  email: Home  |  Click on the photos to enlarge  View Full Gallery 
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